Puedo Hacerte Una Foto: A Portrait of Cuba.

Cinematography duo Rosanna Webster and Phoebe Henry capture the energetic and colourful streets of Cuba in their film Puedo Hacarte Una Foto: A Portrait of Cuba. Unlike the stereotypical shots of old-timers, cigars and tropical beaches we are all familiar with, they tell a more authentic story. Consisting of a mixture of boxing games, fireworks, dances, sunsets and warm family portraits, this film describes the photographers perception of the physicality of the place. “Cuba hits you,” explains the duo, “it is a complete sensory overload.”

The resulting documentary provides layered scenes, more true than the ‘truth’ we know about Cuba. There isn’t any concept that holds the overall structure of this film and at times you drift off into a dream-like state. It’s more emotive and immersive than it is narrative. It’s a country aware of it’s charm and the effect is has on everyone who understands it. Magical, rebellious and frozen in time.

Text: Marije Popping
Video: Rosanna Webster and Phoebe Henry