Unrecorded is an Amsterdam based fashion brand bound by friendship. The brand is a gathering for quality enthusiasts with a philosophy of building an essential and cohesive wardrobe. Unrecorded creates high quality garments with reworked silhouettes, inspired by the looks of friends. Making a statement with personality and style.


The brand pays homage to the past by employing timeless designs, natural materials and combining artisanal know-how with cutting-edge production techniques. The collections look effortless, discrete, and intriguing. 

The items are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail which makes them long- lasting, refined and stylish. Unrecorded believes that an item will evolve with the owner and become an extension of their identity. The older the item gets the more it lives, which shows the true beauty of a garment. 

our aim

We aim to encourage people to wear their products for an extended period of time and become aware of what they are purchasing in addition to their existing wardrobe. Our collections are made for a timeless wardrobe that can be combined in an infinite number of ways.