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Annemieke is a self-taught ceramic artist based in Amsterdam. Her studio is located in a quiet part of the city and filled to the brim with ceramics. She draws her inspiration from textures and shapes from nature and city life. All these impressions take shape behind her pottery wheel. Her style can be described as simple, sophisticated yet strong.

Her slow paced way of working is aligned with the Unrecorded mindset. We both see good design as the result of skilled craftsmanship. That is why we asked Annemieke to create a series of unique pieces that celebrate the art of hand thrown ceramics.

The series is limited to 50 pieces and available at the Unrecorded Store in Amsterdam and online.

Annemieke wearing our organic Oxford Shirt

“Making ceramics is a slow process, a process with many steps. Each and every step needs to be done with patience and care”. Annemieke’s ceramics are all hand thrown, have soft tones and are one of a kind.

The 'pebbles white' glaze I used for Unrecorded is a warm white matt glaze with a nice brownish blush. After a last glaze firing at 1250℃ all the pieces need to be sanded at the bottom to assure smoothness.

This first firing is done at a temperature of 980°C. But before any bisque firing can start, more patience is required. The drying takes time but is a crucial step in obtaining the desired result. If not left to dry long enough the pieces will crack in the oven.

Twenty six hours later the glazing can start. One day to glaze the inside and one day to glaze the outside give each piece a unique character.

The limited series
is available instore
and online.