010030 - 000 / Organic Cotton Garments Re-Worked

Spawning from our principled outlook, we're launching the Unrecorded collection. The aim to create awareness of today’s mass consumption and how disposable goods are inextricably linked to this phenomenon.

It’s a fact that we could do with less waste, and more importantly, we need to rethink the way we consume. The Unrecorded collection is all about the value of things unused or broken. A simple tweak or repair gives it a new lease on life and reduces one’s carbon footprint along the way.

Screen Printing Process (GOTS Certified)

The Unrecorded collection uses its deadstock, comprising of different garments including samples, defects and vintage pieces which all have been reworked with a creative tweak.

Each item features a unique Unrecorded screen print, applied vertically on the back, and can be purchased at the Unrecorded stores in Amsterdam.

From Unrecorded to Unrecorded: Deadstock gets a new lease on life.

The Unrecorded collection is available at our Stores in Amsterdam. Visit us here.