True sustainability is quality that lasts a lifetime.

Sustainability / Materials


When it comes to thinking sustainably across the whole business, we believe that few come close to Unrecorded. More than a mere label, we think that sustainability is a doing word. To be sustainable is to last more than a lifetime. For us, strong apparel should be at the heart of any sustainable fashion project.

Sustainability / Materials

Compared to a non-organic alternative, organic cotton requires 70% less water. This helps to preserve precious water supplies. The cotton we use is land, wildlife and people friendly because it’s not grown with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification is awarded by an international committee, composed of organisations dedicated to sustainable cotton production. GOTS studies both the environmental and human impact of cotton supply chains. It promotes farms that maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

All our cotton is sourced from farms where freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected, where there is no child labour, and in which working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Nothing is wasted. We always use 100% of the fabric that is made for us. Brands with seasons create waste through overstock and unused materials. We produce neither.

Sustainability / Materials

Unrecorded only works with suppliers who take social and environmental standards seriously. They continuously look to exceed industry standards. We can vouch for the factories we use because we frequently visit them ourselves.

Traditionally, the dyeing and finishing of textiles has required a lot of nasty chemicals. We’ve opted to colour our fabrics with dyes that don’t contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Equally important is the fact that our manufacturing partners work with closed loop water systems, ensuring that all that is returned to nature is only whatever deserves to be there.

Unrecorded fabrics are developed specifically for us and we only produce quality apparel that lasts.

Permanent Collection

Throwaway culture is trash. We don’t provide you with more rubbish, Unrecorded offers durable essentials. We make premium quality apparel that can be worn all year round. We don’t design seasonal collections, instead we add new permanent items to our range. We pay attention to details and take care over what fabrics we use. Our range is composed of finely crafted, timeless unisex garments and accessories.

An Unrecorded purchase is one that you live with. We don’t do sales or discounts because we don’t believe in pushing products into the hands of someone who might not really need them. Also, because we have nothing to hide you can see exactly what everything costs. Ask us in store or check out the items in our online store to find out more.