155 gsm organic cotton the perfect mid-weight tee

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Unrecorded Store Amsterdam.

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Unique series of handmade ceramics

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We're Unrecorded, premium basics made from organic cotton. By selling directly to you we avoid traditional retail mark-ups. Premium quality without the designer price-tag

Organic basics

Iconic styles made from organic cotton. Looking good is important but not at the cost of others. Our mission is to make beautiful styles that last and have low environmental impact.

Premium quality

All garments we make are honest, long-lasting and thorough down to the last detail. We only use the best fabric suppliers, the most qualified dyers and the leading ateliers in Europe.

Fair pricing

Being transparent about all our business practices, we'll guide you through our factories and even break-down the price for you. And our prices are damn good!

Swing by our new store.

Visit us in the nine streets and shop the best organic basics available. As if that wasn't enough we also have a collection of carefully curated magazines and some great sneakers.

Hartenstraat 36
1016 CC, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E: hello@unrecorded.co