To produce Flammé yarn, several yarns, sometimes of different colours, are twisted together in a special process to achieve an exciting effect. Visually, Flammé yarn can be compared with linen, whose individual threads naturally have a very similar structure.

Australian woolgrowers use sustainable farming practises to produce the world's finest wool from Merino sheep. Merino wool is a natural fibre grown year-round by Merino sheep, who consume a simple blend of natural ingredients such as sunshine, water, fresh air, and grass, as opposed to synthetics, which are industrially produced from non-renewable fossil energy. Wool is a completely renewable fibre because these sheep produce new fleece every year.

The Oxford shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn for any occasion. Oxford shirts get their name from the fabric used to make them, which is known as Oxford cloth. The shirt is also known as the Oxford Cloth Button Down (OCBD). This is due to the fact that it often includes a button-down collar. It began with English polo players pinning their collars. They did this to prevent the collar from flapping up while playing. As a result, shirts with buttons to keep the collar down were developed. The outcome is what we now call the Oxford shirt.