Materials: We craft our designs using a selection of natural materials, including RWS certified wool, organic cotton, linen, hemp, Dutch wool, and recycled cotton. This commitment stems from our belief that natural and recycled materials are not only better for people but also for the environment. Furthermore, we make a concerted effort to incorporate more Dutch-made fabrics into our production process, aligning with our aim to have production closer to home.
Production: Our commitment to maintaining strong connections with our suppliers lies at the heart of our business. We emphasize personal visits to the factories, ensuring a close relationship and a deep understanding of our production processes. It's worth noting that we exclusively produce in Portugal and Italy. Additionally, it's essential to mention that our main factories hold a GOTS certification, and we're proud to work alongside several suppliers who share this commitment to sustainability.
Collections: We design only two collections each year, and many styles carry over between seasons. This allows customers to anticipate what's coming and build a dependable wardrobe foundation. Next to that, when customers order online, they’ll likely make fewer returns, which, in turn, helps cut down on CO2 emissions, all because customers know what to expect.
Packaging: All orders are shipped in FCS™ certified cardboard boxes.