Organic basics, because in 2017 it would be stupid not to. Buy less, buy better, buy Unrecorded.

Founders Daniel and Jolle posing in Amsterdam. Daniel (the guy on the left) is wearing an Unrecorded lambswool prototype and Jolle (the other one) is wearing an Unrecorded oxford cotton button down prototype.

Created out of the appreciation for well-made things, the love for great design and because we care about the planet and the people on it.

Having the same vision but totally different backgrounds we decided to team up, put all our experience on the table and create what we couldn’t find. A clothing label that sells organic basics of the highest quality and makes them affordable by cutting away the unnecessary. Unrecorded.

Coils and coils of spun yarn
Long staple organic cotton for all our basics (GOTS Certified).

Looking good is important but not at the cost of others. We ensure that all our garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. The fabric we use is all GOTS certified. GOTS is the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers.

Products labelled organic need more than 95% of the fibre content to be of certified organic origin. We choose to use 100% organic cotton, this makes it possible to recycle the garment if ever necessary. Not only does GOTS look at environmental criteria it also looks at compliance with social criteria. Our mission is to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion. What Patagonia does for outdoor apparel we want to do for urban apparel..

This is us standing above the first role of our organic T-shirt fabric with Nuno

True durability starts with premium fabrics and garments made by skilled workmen and women.

Fabric just before being dyed.

All garments we make are honest, long-lasting and thorough down to the last detail. We use the best fabrics available and spend time with the mills to develop fabrics we want but don’t exist yet. We also partnered with some of the most qualified dyers and the leading ateliers in Europe to ensure the best finishing. Timeless designs, the highest quality and no frills.


Modern transparency, because we’re proud of everybody we work with and everything we do.

Breaking down the price, we will show you the real cost of the T-shirt and compare it with buying that piece in a traditional high-end store. By selling online we avoid traditional retail mark-ups and pass the savings on to you. And that is why our prices are so damn good.

Jolle & Daniel

Photography: Luca Halma