As you might have noticed Unrecorded recently underwent a significant rebranding. We're thrilled to bring you closer to our journey, and today, we're excited to share insights from Koen Begeman, our Managing and Creative Director, who has been at the heart of Unrecorded's transformation. In our conversation with Koen, we delve into the motivation that led to the decision to rebrand Unrecorded, with a particular focus on the primary goals he aims to achieve.
1 - What inspired the decision to rebrand, and what were the primary goals you aimed to achieve through this process? I've been with Unrecorded since its early days, allowing me to closely track all the company's processes. When the opportunity for this role presented itself, I immediately had ideas about ways to enhance both processes and our visual identity. The decision to rebrand Unrecorded was driven a desire to make it more inviting. The primary goal of the rebranding is of course to create a feeling that people can connect with, where they feel a sense of belonging. It should be a place where customers can find products and interests that align with their values.
2 - Rebranding can be a complex and challenging endeavor. Could you share the key factors or insights that led to the new direction for Unrecorded's brand identity? Absolutely, I'm incredibly thankful for the amazing team that supported me and brought these ideas to life. Moreover, I'm fortunate to be working alongside my life partner, Levi Ramaekers, who oversees the Art Direction. Our shared sense of aesthetics and style is remarkable as we seem to have an intuitive understanding of each other's creative vision.
One of our primary objectives was to infuse more warmth and elegance into the brand's identity. We recognized the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere, aligning with our vision for Unrecorded. Additionally, we've observed a rising trend towards comfort which reflects a broader shift in our society, where we are placing a higher value on well-being and convenience, something we can definitely relate to. However, we believe that comfort can coexist with classic and elegant items, without being swayed by fleeting fashion trends. Our focus is on striking that balance.
3 - What changes can people expect to see in the way Unrecorded presents itself following the rebranding? Unrecorded is undergoing more than a visual makeover. Picture a space where fashion intersects seamlessly with the things you might love if you share our world— For example references to architectural styles like the Amsterdamse School, classic music, and fine dining places we appreciate.
When it comes to communication, we're committed to providing valuable information to help customers make informed choices when selecting clothing. That's important for us, because we've always focused on sustainability, aiming for wardrobes that last.
4 - Unrecorded has been known for its sustainability and ethical practices. How does the rebranding align with or enhance these aspects of the company's identity? Our focus on sustainability won't change. it's a top priority for our brand. We've also chosen to stick with natural materials because we believe they make the best products, avoiding synthetic fabrics altogether. Next to that, we maintain our production exclusively in Portugal and Italy, guaranteeing the highest ethical standards. And whenever possible, we make an effort to produce locally in the Netherlands, aiming to minimize our carbon footprint.
5 - Rebranding often implies a change in strategy. Can you share some insights into the strategic shifts or new approaches that Unrecorded will be implementing post-rebranding? We're making a big change in our strategy by shifting from selling directly to customers to working with retailers. In January, we'll be showcasing our collection at Paris Fashion Week for retailers. Working with retailers means our clothing will be more accessible in physical stores. People can see, touch, and try on our products before buying, which is essential when making conscious purchases. 
Although there's a downside to this shift, involving a slight price increase to support retailers' profitability, we would have preferred to spare our dedicated customers from this. But, we trust our valued customers will understand the reasons behind this change. It's a crucial step toward our sustainable growth, ensuring a more significant and lasting positive impact in the future.
6 - In an ever-evolving market, adaptability is key. How does Unrecorded plan to remain relevant and agile in response to changing consumer preferences and industry trends? It may sound cliché, but we hold a strong belief that our clothing transcends trends and never goes out of style. Our approach is to craft comfortable classics with a fresh perspective on their silhouette and details. Rather than constantly seeking the new, we draw inspiration from our own references and purchases, which consistently lean towards timeless pieces, which we then infuse with our own touch.
I just hope that if you appreciate life's subtle pleasures and prefer understated elegance over grand statements, you'll discover your perfect fit with Unrecorded.