You may already be familiar with Jonathan Doelwijt's presence on our social media channels, where he has frequently appeared as a model for our brand. In addition to his contributions to our visual content, Jonathan recently created a stunning painting for our showroom, showcasing his artistic versatility and dedication to our shared vision. However, Jonathan's role extends far beyond that of a mere face in our digital landscape. He is a longstanding friend, a trusted colleague, and an endless source of inspiration.

We had the pleasure of visiting Jonathan at his atelier located within the esteemed Gerrit Rietveld Academy. During our visit, he walked us through his creative processes, offering insights into his artistic methods and inspirations.
Jonathan is wearing the Knitted Zip Hoodie.
Fragment 01, oil on canvas
Jonathan, we were incredibly impressed by the painting you created for our Showroom. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind it and the message or emotion you aimed to convey through your artwork? For this specific piece I drew a lot of inspiration from color field painting, which is an abstract style of painting that emerged in the 1940-50’s in New York. In relation to you as Unrecorded, I went for a complementary existence, taken in consideration the showroom that you have assembled and went for contrasting colors. Colors that radiate subtlety yet there is a clear distinction between the art work and the space.
How would you describe your aesthetic, and what influences inspire your work?
If I had to encapsulate my artistic aesthetic it would be boldness in naturality combined with the embrace of chroma. Most of my latest works are inspired by my vivid dreams. So far have used my dreams as a starting point for my works. Influences from outside my self are other artists in a variety of disciplines. Particular for painting I look at the movements of Realism and Abstract art. (Hilma af Klint, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Friedrich von Nerly)
Do you have any creative outlets or projects that you're currently working on? Besides painting I like to mess around with music as a hobby (guitar/piano). Currently I am working on a project, called Verse, together with my brother, Robbert Doelwijt Jr. The main focus of this project/event is to shine a light on intimate conversations with your loved ones. I will be making a sculpture for this specific event which I am very excited about. So, keep an eye out on our pages.
Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but from our conversations as friends, it seems that you don't particularly gravitate towards making your art political. I find this perspective intriguing, especially considering the prevalent presence of political or ethical themes in much of contemporary art. Could you explain on your approach and reasoning behind this choice? Yes that is correct. It is true that art and politics have a strong synergy. I have yet to dabble into that realm of creation. There is a possibility of me gravitating towards that way of creating but my main priority is focussed on my inner world, the spiritual world. An all encompassing inner richness of the good and bad in an individual is what sparks my interest. Something that I cannot see back in politics at the moment. Perhaps I am too obstinate in my endeavors of the inner world but I truly believe this is my way. Without wanting to come over as cliche but knowing yourself is definitely the key to fulfillment.
Looking ahead, what are some goals or aspirations you have for your artistic endeavors, and how do you envision your creative journey unfolding in the future? Currently I am also studying fine arts at the Gerrit Rietveld academy. My primary objective is to complete my studies with distinction, concurrently refining and solidifying my artistic practice along the journey. I have always dreamt to make art with the land, more sculptural work. There is something in realizing scale to this degree that lights a flame in me.
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Written by Koen Begeman

Jonathan is wearing the Knitted Zip Hoodie