“It’s always Spring in Romain Laprade’s photographs.”

Romain Laprade is a Paris based photographer notable for his warm, pastel shades. Through his lens, buildings such as the Palace of Serbia and John Lautner's Sheats-Goldstein Residence are captured in a soft, dreamy glow. Laprade splits his time between location-specific photography and works for various clients. He’s been commissioned by high-quality skincare brand Aesop and travel magazine Monocle.

He focuses on patterns he finds in architecture and the natural world.

He’s well-travelled. Laprade’s portfolio includes photo series from places as varied as Buenos Aires, Marseille, Morocco and the Danish Coast. He always seems interested in hot climates, and how natural light effects and bounces off the materials he comes across in the world. Colour photography innovator William Eggleston seems like an obvious touchstone for Laprade, not least because so much of his work is based in the USA, as does Wes Anderson’s cinematographer Robert David Yeoman. He tends to position his subjects slightly off-centre, leaving room in his images in which his particular colour saturation can make an impression.

Laprade has produced a lot of work for Kinfolk, a clean-cut lifestyle magazine for “creative professionals.” Laprade seems a good match for them, as the Copenhagen based platform also appreciates wholesome, natural light and clean aesthetics. Typically, he focuses on patterns and textures he finds in architecture and the natural world, only including faces for his Kinfolk editorials. He’s had photo series compiled, too. He self-published a collection titled Palm Springs, California, and has books available through France’s Yvon Lambert and Belgium’s Library man.


Photography: Romain Laprade

Text: Nicholas Burman