Ceramic artist Jeremy Anderson mines the anthropomorphic tensions, playfulness and individuality of his stoneware sculptures.

Jeremy Anderson is a ceramic artist based in New York working in stoneware and porcelain. His sculptural vessels, which he calls “Piccolos”, are anthropomorphic creatures hand assembled from wheel - thrown elements.The forms arise organically from the clay, built from the ground up allowing each character to grow. Anderson describes the small circular openings as the point of origin for each piece’s individual personality.

A series of hand painted lines emanate from the opening, mapping the varied contours of each piece to reveal patterns that are as varied as the human characteristics that he sees emerge from them. For the artist, the hours spent painting these reverberating lines becomes a meditative practice shared with his playmate, a growing community gazing skyward.

The culmination of the series is a full circle moment for Anderson who has turned to ceramics throughout his life to explore himself creatively.

Anderson was born in Minneapolis and has worked with clay for over 20 years. He co-founded apparatus in 2012, known for it’s lighting and furniture, and has been focusing primarily on developing his ceramics practice for the past three years.

Text: www.jeremy-anderson.com
Photos: www.ericpetschek.com