Autumn 2020 marks the release of Unrecorded’s candle range.

Our selection, coded by rich, mute colours, have been designed for those with a preference for elegance. Unlike many brands, we offer an Unscented candle for anyone who wants the luxurious atmosphere of a long burning flame, but without it interrupting the smell of your perfectly cooked food or favourite perfume.

Those that do want a subtle fragrance can pick between one scented by Sandalwood essential oil, which has a deep scent in which features a mix of floral and sweet accents, and Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus essential oil is recognisable by its a minty, citrusy smell, and for having a fresh aroma. Unrecorded’s candles come in a durable glass cylinder, with an unbleached cotton wick, are hand poured in Poland, and topped off with an 8mm Birchwood lid.

A perfect balance of natural soy wax, essential oils and unbleached cotton wick for a slow burn and calm flame.

All three of these candles are made from soy wax. Paraffin, the cheaper and more typical type of candle wax, is produced during the oil purification process, while soy wax is produced by simply pressing soybeans. This makes soy wax the much more environmentally friendly and renewable option. Soy wax also has a slower burn rate (each Unrecorded candle lasts for around fifty hours), and has a cleaner burn, making it the most sustainable and friendly option for creating a warm and homely ambience.
Text: Nicholas Burman
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