Lac de la Lionne (Châteauneuf-du-Pape).

Located on the fishing reserve of Lac de la Lionne, in the south-east of France, a series of wooden buildings extend over the waters.

Eco-hotel named Cabanes des Grands Cepages is comprised of fifteen timber suites which provide quite a different holiday experience. It’s built and conceived by Paris-based Atelier Lavit, who describe it as “a magical and untouched place, much like the Mediterranean maquis, (where) nature is the only protagonist of the scene.”

Their architectural work replicates the enchanting landscape, as if the cabins are composed out of an arrangement of lake reeds.

Commissioned by Cabanes Nature et Spa, the hotel offers some cabins hidden on land while others are more visibly placed on the water. It’s simple but sophisticated, glorifying the bare essentials. The cabins were mainly prefabricated off-site and their components numbered, dismantled and rebuilt on site in just three months. Which means the project reduced production costs and had a low impact on the surrounding landscape. The result? A peaceful lakeside getaway built in a conscious manner.

Text: Marije Popping
Photography: Atelier Lavit