Design Canada.

The Canadian flag, with it’s highly recognizable red maple leaf in the centre, is one of the world's most iconic national symbols. But there are many more Canadian pictograms, types and symbols worth looking at. In the documentary Design Canada, graphic designer and first-time director Greg Durrell introduces us to the more unsung heroes of Canadian iconography. From the Canadian National Railway logo to the logo for the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal: each one defined the country and created a sense of unity in the mid-60s and beyond. Design Canada brings this history to the world and reconnects the country with this unique aspect of its heritage. Like graphic designer John Pylypczak begs the question: “Did Canadians design these symbols, or did these symbols design Canada?” Greg Durrell and the team behind the documentary Helvetica (2007), examines this idea and takes a detailed look into how design subconsciously helped transform Canada from a scattered outpost to a vibrant, unified nation.

Text: Marije Popping
Video: Design Canada