“Rarely does something look the same in reality as it does in our memories”

‘My Town- Siofok II’ is a dream-like series by Hungarian photographer Marietta Varga taken in the picturesque town Siofok where she grew up. During her first trip back in ten years she experienced a deep sense of nostalgia. The deserted streets were covered with a layer of frost which was illuminated by the hazy early-morning light. “Rarely does something look the same in reality as it does in our memories”, Varga states.

“This morning was the first time in a long while that I was able to see my home town as it exists in my mind.”



In the summer season Siofok is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Hungary, but Varga’s images capture the city through a local’s eye. The muted tones and pink hues gives the images a rare softness. The series becomes profoundly personal as the playgrounds and basketball courts are deserted and a few remaining characters faceless. The anonymity conveys the passage of time but also grasps the collective unconsciousness: the little girl could be me, could be you. It catches a brief moment of childhood blitheness that sometimes crosses our paths.

Text: Marije Popping
Photography: Marietta Varga