Popsicles Made From Taiwan’s Polluted Water.

Focused on environmental awareness rather than flavour, students from the National Taiwan University of the Arts created frozen ice-creams out of the polluted waters of 100 different water sources in Taiwan. At first glance the treats might look like the latest instagrammable food trend but a bite could leave you very ill as it’s filled with dirt, dead fish, oil or nets. The project entitled ‘Polluted Water Popsticles’ aims to raise awareness about the rapid economic growth and urbanization of Taiwan and it’s resulting water pollution. "We had this idea because we believe clean water resources for everyone is a very important thing," said student Hong Yi-chen.

A creative approach to spreading awareness of Taiwan’s issue of water pollution



About 90 percent of the sewage samples was contained with plastic, from plastic bags to chopstick wrappers. The team also designed custom wrappers for each one, complete with the source name and a list of presumed ingredients. The students made clear art projects can be extraordinarily beautiful while also addressing real-world problems. Their creatively designed and conceptual approach leaves us thinking about the deep effects of environmental change from a totally different perspective.

Text: Marije Popping
Photography: Hung I-chen